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The Scent of Death


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Simon Beckett

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Beschreibung 'Masterful storytelling and macabre forensic details make his novels utterly chilling reads'' TESS GERRITSEN Once a busy hospital, St Jude''s now stands derelict, awaiting demolition. When a partially mummified corpse is found in the building''s cavernous loft, forensics expert Dr David Hunter is called in to take a look. He can''t say how long the body''s been there, but he is certain it''s that of a young woman. And that she was pregnant. Then part of the attic floor collapses, revealing another of the hospital''s secrets: a bricked-up chamber with beds inside. And some of them are still occupied. For Hunter, what began as a straightforward case is about to become a twisted nightmare. And it soon becomes clear that St Jude''s hasn''t claimed its last victim . . . Chilling, visceral and masterfully paced, Simon Beckett''s new crime thriller will leave you gasping.AutorentextSimon Beckett is the No.

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The Scent of Death. Longevity and the sense of smell The scent of death. Death Written in Bone Whispers of the Dead The Calling of the Grave The Restless Dead and The Scent of Death. James located in London England.

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